Welcome to my area of the “Interweb”.

Last modified - Nov 2023 - updates can be found here.

There is something special about the early web / computers.

No kiddyscript ahem javascript, no ads, no tracking. Heaven! I look back with fond memories that it was like an exciting new frontier.

Character based systems that well - worked! They did this without any messing around, no spurious messages or pop-ups. No downtime! Upgrades done without even a reboot.

Halcyon days.

Back then, going onto Windows, was all shiny and new, but it was like going back to the Stone Age regarding usability and reliability.

Windows was (and to a large extent still is) “all fur coat and no knickers”.

Hopefully you can perhaps tell that I’m no fan of Windows.

So, imagine my glee when I came across the tildeverse, and a FreeBSD driven server such as this one.

FreeBSD is my operating system of choice!

I’m really happy to be here and look forward to show how the web could have been, if large corporations hadn’t got the mucky mitts on it!

Please contact me via email -> xr753 at tilde dot guru.