October 2023

A few months ago, I decided to take the plunge and learn how to do watercolours.

I have always sketched and drawn with pencils, or with a fountain pen and ink, therefore, art concepts like perspective and the use of value (to create light and shade) are known to me. It’s just how to colour it!

I started with Charles Evans on Youtube, did a few of his projects from his website (it’s free) and found that I really enjoyed it, and I had a knack to do it.

Alan Owen has a Youtube channel. He is in his 90s, and he paints these beautiful “loose” watercolour paintings in the style of Edward Wesson and Edward Seago. Each painting is normally finished in less than 30 minutes! He is a joy to watch and listen to as he paints. Very, very knowledge and is only too happy to share his precious skill.

Alan doesn’t have a website, but he is on Patreon. Please take a look.

Currently, I’m learning how to paint in a loose style with Alan Owen. It’s great fun, and very enjoyable to paint like this. Relaxing too. There is just something magical about painting with as little detail as possible, yet the viewer can fully understand the scene. To do this well, with single, confident, brush strokes is extremely difficult!

I intend to post some of the paintings that I’m happy with here. Yes, to a trained artist, they are riddled with errors, but to the less discerning eye, they are surprisingly quite pleasing.

I use the following kit in my paintings.

Nov 2023 - Here are some watercolours