mcsuper5 in the tildeverse

I've been an amateur programmer for a few years. I started programming back in the '80s with a TRS-80 Model I and a C64 and have used various systems over the years including multiple versions of DOS, Windows, OS X, Linux and other versions of *NIX including Solaris, NetBSD and FreeBSD.

I'm partial to programming for the command line, though I've done a small amount of CGI. My languages of choice are C and Bash; however, I've used BASIC, Pascal, Perl, C++ and ForTran as well.

The downloads I listed below are cross platform and I have successfully compiled them on various versions of *NIX. Some may require you to use GNU make which appears to be installed as gmake on the BSDs.

Biorhythm is a highly customized port of a BASIC program for the TRS-80.

MagicSquare was a game available on Merlin. My port is playable using the numeric keypad. On my freeshell site I also have a javascript version available playable with the mouse in a browser.

Roll is modelled after the utility available on TELEHACK and simulates throwing up to ten dice.



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