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First code from GTC (guru tiny code)

written: 2021-10-25 17:25 by sarmonsiill (

I wanna produce more projects but mostly enjoy smaller single-purpose software. Like the great unix philosophy says; Do one thing and do it well.

GTC -projects might never do just one thing in a technical sense but the goal is to write simplistic and complex-free software that aims to have a small footprint i general.

As you might see on this site the output is also likely to be simple and small.

The first project is gtc_gen and can be found here: .
It's a static site generator in 98 lines of V and a binary size of 160K. This website is generated with gtc_gen.

`gtc_gen` is basic in that all posts are pure text. That's right, no support for markup, no support for images, no support for animated cats. The only support, apart from showing text, is the url parser which will convert url:s into actual clickable links.