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published 2021-08-13 18:56:24 Friday

Tilde.guru is growing

I’ve been a user on tilde.institute for maybe two years. It has been a lot of fun and I’ve enjoyed it very much. And not just ~institute but the entire tildeverse. A lot of great people can be found in this magical ~verse and so to gain more experience in FreeBSD and to contribute to ~verse I launched tilde.guru about two weeks ago.

Within two days a few users had joined the server. And as I write this we’re up to 13 users hanging out and doing fun stuff.

There’s been a lot of work so far to get a few services up at running. For example configuring the webserver with both a public tilde.guru -site but also user-sites for all users so that they can publish their own websites. Then there was the adventure of configuring the email-server with all the quirks it entails. Further more we have local services on the machine, scripts to write, wikis to update, etc, etc.

In all it’s been very much fun, I’ve learnt a lot and we can conclude that ~guru is growing into a rich and awesome community inside the larger ~verse.

A thousand thanks to all the great people who has joined ~guru so far and for all the help and dedication. <3

If you’re curious about it please visit https://tilde.guru and have a peek.

Written by Sarmonsiill ( sarmonsiill[_AT_]tilde.guru )

Tags: tilde, guru, freebsd, tildeverse