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published 2021-08-01 18:01:53 Sunday

Tilde.guru Up And Running

I’ve long been a user in the tildeverse. My main home-away-from-home has been tilde.institute and while I have no intent of leaving institute I have now started a tilde-server of my own. Tilde.guru is a tilde-server running FreeBSD. While we are accepting new users the server has not been fully configured yet. Some parts are still missing such as mail-server, gopher/gemini -setup and a few other things.

If you’re tempted to join just head over to https://tilde.guru/signup.html and follow the (very simple) instructions.

Written by Sarmonsiill ( sarmonsiill[_AT_]tilde.guru )

Tags: tilde, tildeverse, freebsd, server