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Published 2020-08-13 11:08:29 Thursday

Oh Simplicity, I Love You

The general defenition of progress seem to be more features and more tools. We all had to kinda follow this trend for the past 10-15 years but I now say “No!”.

I very much enjoy the perspective of simplicity and minimalism. Not to the point where stuff becomes harder or unusable but rather the other way around.

Some examples;


For most browsing I now get on using only Dillo. It helps me to quickly browse around information and I won’t get beaten down my shoes from all ads and videos and memes and gifs and javascript. Sure I sometimes need a browser with more features for doing some banking errands for example. But then I can choose to use Firefox at that point.

Programming and editing

I’ve been using quite a few editors and IDE’s over the years. IntelliJ (and it’s versions), Eclipse, Netbeans, Atom, Sublime, VSCode, Brackets, Liteide, gedit, bluefish, geany and many many more. Now after many years I’m back to using Vim. I like emacs also and have used it a fair bit but I’m more comfortable in Vim so that’s where it landed.

Window manager and OS

Used some Windows back in the 90’s but mainly used GNU/Linux since ‘96/‘97. For a few years I tried to use Mac as my workstation but it’s bugged in my opinion - and closed in. So I’m sticking to my Linux setups.

I have been using a bit of BSD (openbsd, netbsd and freebsd) as well as playing with plan9/9front, minix, haiku and some such systems but that’s more for fun.

Regarding window managers I’ve tried most there is. My favorite for long was i3 but I’m kinda getting feelings for lwm now. It might grow to be my choice of WM in the future.

There’s may examples on going for a simpler setup. When it comes to programming languages I’ve written code in quite a few. My personal preference is Go but I write what my employer needs for the task at hand. I do run like hell when anyone mentions Typescript since I think the entire Node-ecosystem is proof of everything wrong in IT and development.

I think that was the rant of the day! There’s no like-function nor is there a comment function so I really don’t care much if you agree or not. I do wish you an awesome day though!

Written by Sarmonsiill ( sarmonsiill[_AT_]tilde.guru )

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