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> name: ky > age: 20 > pronouns: they/them > chronic music listener > painfully mysterious > extremely unserious > raised by the internet > king of being unbothered > addicted to minimalism > [insert adjective here]
PGP: 7D53 5CF1 D23A 3886 CB6D DDEA D560 DEED 9A75 0B59

if you have a negative opinion about me, refer to the payment methods below
then send an email to nameless@waifu.club with your transaction id included

XMR: 49Najqe7m86PVWbxcyreJ4VcMqb4sXcBx15cFUhwK2HK1nmFrxMo8oYcFrAyPCUiVC67HyVSooiV3UChjRNxKocqBEVzsEg